If you’re remodeling your Jacksonville home’s exterior or looking for state-of-the-art vinyl window replacements, Simonton provides the best product for a number of reasons. Many people already know that windows can give that room a better look and light up a home. However, very few people think about the fact  that with energy efficient windows from Lasting Exteriors Inc., it can also help use less energy and immensely cut down on energy costs. Also did you know that, Simonton vinyl windows can protect your furniture and flooring from the harmful effects of UV radiation.



Old window frames can warp and crack, meaning thermal leaks that waste energy and cost you money. With constantly rising utility prices, eliminating these leaks is important for the environment and your savings.

Excellent Energy Efficiency

The unique construction of Simonton vinyl windows is the most effective design to fully insulate your home. Every aspect of the windows protects your Jacksonville home’s interior from the elements.

  • Vinyl window sashes and frames provide superior insulation compared to regular aluminum frames.

  • Standard double-pane insulated glass provides excellent U-value and reduces outside noise.

  • Specially designed interlocking meeting rails prevent air and water infiltration.

Simonton windows are durable for long-lasting protection from extreme weather.

Simonton energy efficient windows feature a Lifetime Warranty on the frames and insulated glass. All double hung windows feature convenient tilt-in sashes for easy cleaning.

Simonton windows are the most affordable option, in part because of the huge money savings for the life of the windows and the reduced utility expense.   

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